• Welcome to Crowdcentric
    Welcome to Crowdcentric
    Crowdcentric exists to help people everywhere live better, work smarter and be more productive using technology.
  • Our Vision
    Our Vision
    We're living in times of unprecedented human connectivity.
  • Changing and Evolving
    The world is changing and evolving at an extraordinary pace.
    Together we must work to gain a deeper understanding of how we can achieve more in a future where more than 6 billion people on the planet will connect to each other.


Based in New York but with a global network in 20+ countries, we build and engage audiences through a network of global conferences, digital publishing, experiential design and branded content.


Crowdcentric reaches millions of individuals online through two content platforms:

  • Global network of writers and contributors
  • Sharing industry insights with subscribers and followers globally
  • Interviews, news coverage, product reviews, how-to video and opinion pieces
  • Research, whitepapers and trends analysis
  • Platform that hosts short-form videos explaining hidden features and benefits of everyday platforms
  • Each video provides tech tips, tricks, insights, demos and hacks
  • Helping people live better, work smarter and be more productive

Crowdcentric owns and operates conference platforms and provides custom event design and sponsorship activation for brands:

Social Media Week:
  • Hosted in 20+ countries across six continents
  • 5k+ participating speakers each year
  • 70k physical attendees annually
  • Streamed all over the world via web and mobile
Custom Events & Sponsorship Activation:
  • Event design and production
  • Program and content curation
  • Digital design and integration
  • Live video production and streaming
  • Marketing, PR and audience engagement

Crowdcentric's Labs team is made up of technologists and digital strategists and is uniquely positioned to help ideas scale globally.

Whether we're advising startups, incubating new ideas, partnering with emerging tech companies or building our own products, we believe that networked collaboration is the fuel to help ideas and businesses grow. Here's how our Labs team can help:

  • UX/UI Design
  • Product Strategy
  • Growth Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Audience Engagement
  • Experience Design
  • International Expansion

Clients & Partners

Clients and Partners

Team Centric

Toby Daniels

Toby Daniels

CEO and Founder, Crowdcentric

Toby is an entrepreneur with 12 years experience in digital media, managing an interactive agency in London, helping launch Mint Digital in the US, and co-founding ThinkSocial and Social Media Week. He enjoys running, jumping, diving, and eating.

Michael Papadeas

Michael Papadeas

VP, Sponsorship + Business Development, Crowdcentric

Michael brings more than 14 years of marketing and advertising experience including years in publishing and experiential agencies. An integrated marketing strategist at-heart, he’s always looking for creative ways to help brands innovate and close the gap between them and their elusive targets.

Eric Kramer

Eric Kramer

Vice President, Client Services, Crowdcentric

Prior to Crowdcentric, Eric played various roles at several startups in the social analytics space and worked on the agency side executing digital campaigns. Eric enjoys sports, music, blogging and has a true passion for mobile innovation.

Simon Dabkowski

Simon Dabkowski

Vice President of Design and Technology, Crowdcentric

Simon's professional career as a creative and a developer spans nearly 15 years in working with variety of design & web agencies, non-profit & political organizations and various e-commerce startups. Co-founder of hMAG, a lifestyle magazine and a social networking platform, and a published author of "Livemotion 2: A Beginner's Guide".

Tyler Becker

Tyler Becker

Manager of Marketing and Communications, Crowdcentric

Prior to Crowdcentric, Tyler studied and worked in sports, entertainment, and events, and assisted with the social media and marketing efforts for Six Flags, the National Hockey League, the NYC Marathon, and New York University. Tyler has an affinity for sports, craft beer, podcasts, dog parks, and travel.

Shannon Chirone

Shannon Chirone

Director of Marketing, Crowdcentric Media and Social Media Week

Shannon brings over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, media and event planning. Prior to Crowdcentric, she worked at General Assembly (where she continues to teach Digital Marketing classes), Two Tomatoes Records, Oxygen Media, and CAA. When not working she can be spotted running, diving or lindy hopping.

Jessica Vollman

Jessica Vollman

Director of Operations

Jessica is the Director of Operations at Crowdcentric and brings years of marketing and operations experience to the role. She was one of the earliest team members at General Assembly and held a number of different roles, most recently leading their new market expansion efforts. Prior to joining General Assembly, she produced conferences for Mediabistro. When not working, Jessica loves to travel and is always up for exploring a new city.

Executive Directors

Brian Leddy

Brian Leddy

Executive Director
Ben Scheim

Ben Scheim

Executive Director


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