• Welcome to Crowdcentric
    Welcome to Crowdcentric
    Crowdcentric exists to help people everywhere live better, work smarter and be more productive using technology.
  • Our Vision
    Our Vision
    We're living in times of unprecedented human connectivity.
  • Changing and Evolving
    The world is changing and evolving at an extraordinary pace.
    Together we must work to gain a deeper understanding of how we can achieve more in a future where more than 6 billion people on the planet will connect to each other.


Based in New York, Crowdcentric builds and engages audiences through events and publishing. Our businesses operate at the intersection of media, marketing and technology.

Publishing / SMW.news


  • Global network of of 1k writers
  • Publish insights, trends and best practices
  • Weekly newsletter which reaches 200k subscribers
Events / Social Media Week


  • Conference in 28+ cities around the world
  • 75k attendees / 15k speakers
  • Streamed all over the world via web and mobile
Video / SMW Insider


  • Watch SMW Live or On-demand
  • 100+ hours of past talks, sessions and presentations
  • Videos covering a range of topics including paid social, data and analytics


SMW Jobs

Crowdcentric Media, SMW's parent company is hiring for a number of key positions during a period of exciting growth. Here's a breakdown of the current positions available:


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